Multicast Dynamics – Outer Envelopes, LP, 12″, vinyl, Denovali Records


Part four of a four part album series by Multicast Dynamics, conceptually linked by our undeniable connection with nature and its wide range of landscapes, colors and movement.

The album series moves from an evolutionary to a cosmological scale: Starting from dry land filled with light and streams, to the constantly changing surfaces of the oceans, into a frozen and murky underwater world, finally up to the arrival in an interstellar space and the cosmos. With this concept Multicast Dynamics explores organic and aqueous worlds in a dreamlike and spiritual appearance.

Multicast Dynamics is Samuel van Dijk aka VC-118A or Mohlao .


A1) Atra I
A2) Sonar
A3) Kabina
A4) Interior 1967
A5) Atra II

B1) Modular
B2) Merge
B3) Outer Envelopes
B4) Outer Envelopes (VC-118A Reshape)

artist: Multicast Dynamics
title: Outer Envelopes
label: Denovali Records, DEN248
price: € 19,50
format: 12″, LP, 180 Gramm vinyl
country: Germany

tags under: electronic, ambient, experimental