VC-118A, Shift Register, 3-LP, vinyl, Tabernacle Records


VC-118A is one of Samuel van Dijk’s projects alongside Mohlao – his alias for more quiet ambientish productions and he creates more experimental music under his artist title Multicast Dynamics.

Music beyond average electro.


A1 Opaque
A2 Input Mode

B1 Specter
B2 Serial Data Transmission
B3 Turbid

C1 Frax Sine
C2 Radiation Curve

D1 Shift Register
D2 Verilog

E1 Apex
E2 Infinite Figures
E1 End Program

F2 Trace
F3 Warp

artist: VC-118A
title: Shift Register
price: € 32
format: 3-LP, vinyl
release: 27th of October, 2016
label: Tabernacle Records, TABR036
tags: Abstract, Electro, Ambient, Dub Techno